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                Pastor's Page

    Grayson Delano has been pastor of Faith Bible 
  Baptist Church since it began in the summer of 1973.  
  He preached for the first time in this area in the 
  basement of a home in Unionville on the last Sunday 
  of July in 1973.  The church was organized on Sept. 16 
  of that year and met in the home for two years.  After 
  that, they met in another home for about two years 
  until the building was built where the church now 
  meets, on Rt. 522 in Unionville in Orange County.

    Raised in rural Westmoreland County, Va., he was 
  brought up in a church but knew nothing of the Gospel 
  or of the meaning of Christ's death on the cross.  
  His basic belief was that if people's "good" 
outweighed their "bad", then they would go to Heaven, assuming there was
such a place.  He was basically religious, but in darkness concerning 
the way of salvation.

  Grayson came in contact with the Gospel message while working in a radio 
station in Warsaw, Va.  He heard of the need to be born again when working 
on Sunday mornings at the station.  On alternate Sundays, he worked morning 
and afternoons.  On the Sundays that he worked afternoons, he was in church 
that morning, but did not hear the Gospel.  On the Sundays that he worked 
mornings, he heard the Gospel as a "captive" audience at the radio station.  
His aunt also witnessed to him of the Gospel.  After a time of struggle 
and searching, he trusted Christ and had the peace for which he had been 
searching.  Christ was now his Savior and Heaven would be his home.

  It was also during that period of time that he met and married his wife, 
Nellie.  They were married in Tappahannock, Va., in 1961.  They have seven 
children, four of whom are married, four granddaughters and a grandson,and
three grandchildren in Heaven through miscarriages.  

  After almost four years in the army, he entered Philadelphia College of 
Bible where he graduated in 1969.  After pastoring in New Jersey for three 
years, he came to Unionville, Va., to be the pastor of a beginning church 
which became known as Faith Bible Baptist Church.

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